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We recognize that one of our core strengths is the ability to respond quickly to market opportunities. This is balanced with an inherent Japanese-style attention to details and thoughtful consideration for long-term implications.

Tong Xuan Technology has the ability to evaluate and merge our existing assets and resources with fasteners machinery market opportunities.

We stand poised to leverage our wire drawing, bolt forming, threading, heat treating, surface plating and packing, over all picture has through an expanding fastener markets focus.

This is clearly a fastener markets that has been undergoing tremendous transition and whose most exciting times are ahead, but which also requires a new machinery or process improvement to making cost down and quality assurance.

Tong Xuan Technology also having Joint-Venture and affiliated companies registered and offices in Taiwan and Osaka Japan.

We offer premier offshore assembly, manufacturing & sourcing services to clients all over the world.

Address :7F7A Rm. 30, No.689, Xiaodong Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : 886-6-3123195
FAX : 886-6-3123196
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